EIDL | A New Beginning

A Strange New World

Strangers in a strange land

It was an unknown amount of time before anyone woke up. A lone sun in the sky greeted the travelers. And, they returned the greeting with a great cacophony of noise. Tychus cursed at Jack as though it would make the scientist take them home. As Jack explained that the resonance fork he had opened the rift with was broken, Tychus began slowly trailing off into sullen mutterings. Dr. Reed began to check the team for damages while Jack hypothesized on what might have gone wrong.(or right!) The Archive was one of the last to awaken. It explained that they were on another plane where magic was more prevalent and as such easier to access. This was accomplished by an arcane barrage of light and sound transforming the Archive into a one robot fireworks bonanza. After this gleeful display of magic, the Archive informed the group of what life was generally like on these planes and what their next step ought to be. GlassTuningFork_BrokenDetail-600x400.jpg
The tuning fork which Jack had used to bring them to this plane was broken and they would need more sophisticated tools to repair it. That meant a city, which meant finding civilization and surviving whatever wild they had been thrown into. There was no time to waste. Supplies were inventoried, weapons were distributed and inland they went. Trees and hills greeted them as they cleared the coast. But, atop the first hill they crested was a most peculiar statue in a clearing. The Archive and Jack curiously investigated while Tychus and Reed scanned the edge of the clearing. The statue seemed lifelike, locked in an eternally terrified pose. The Archive suggested it might have been created through petrification. Furthermore, whatever had done this might still be around. With that comforting thought, the squad set out into the unfamiliar forest.
Some small travel led them to an odd stream that was flowing inland. It seemed a convenient path to follow and they took off down the way. Little to no wildlife came across them and they eventually happened upon a petrified deer. Not at all reassured that their course was a safe one, they still pressed on. A short while later Tychus finally discovered some animal sign. Small rodent tracks, lead to a ferret den by the water. This find was soon forgotten as something found the team. A bellowing roar shattered the placid river scene and a massive many legged behemoth charged from the trees across the stream. 0GJXU1w.jpg
Naturally, everyone took off at a run. The basilisk, for the Archive had dubbed it as such, paced them on the other side of the river with a hungry stride. A few pot shots from various firearms landed with little effect on the beast. Although they were far ahead, the Archive was done running. It turned and drew two scrolls as though they were swords. It awaited the basilisks crossing of the river. The rest of the team turned to fire in earnest on the lizard in hopes of deterring it from snacking on their teammate. Dr. Reed had only a pistol and shotgun which he knew would be little use at their range. Tychus began to light off rounds with his Kalashnikov which to his mighty dismay, exploded. While Reed waited and Tychus mourned, Jack began to land telling shots with his custom pistol. His aim assisted goggles homed in and round after round landed true. Eventually the beast had had enough. It seemingly made up its mind that this food was to much trouble and turned to stalk less troublesome prey.
The team checked for gear and wounds. Tychus scooped up the remains of his rifle and took his shotgun back from the Doctor. Warily they moved on to pass over the next ridge line and see what else this land had to offer. From the top of the hill they sighted smoke. The size and amount suggested a village or camp. Civilization ho!


Bortas TheGardener

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