EIDL | A New Beginning

Animal Control, Pt. 1

The EIDL strike team deployed into Point Defiance park to track the source of the anomaly and disappearing animals. The mk II Laurence rabbit was released and the team followed from a safe distance while Jack tracked his chip. It seemed that the rabbit was captured and taken into a nearby cave system. Last minute preparations and an order of combat was drawn up at the cave entrance while the The Archive and Dr. Reid briefed the team on what to expect from similar scenarios. A small humanoid form about the size of a child was spotted and The Archive confirmed that we were dealing with goblins. The team rigged up lights and entered the cave.


The first few rooms revealed small passages that the goblins might use to flank and fetid racks of meat that the goblins were curing. The party kept its lunch down but only barely. A few corridors in a small ambush was sprung with howling goblins leaping from piles of debris. They were dressed in small costumes that may have been taken from children or looted from, god knows where, but poorly armed and easily dispatched. One scampered off into a side tunnel and short pursuit revealed traps that the goblins had laid to defend their cave. Dr. Reed theorized that that may account for other teams failing in the chase and the Archive took a careful search around to clear the area of any more caltrops with its mighty wooden feet. The mk III Laurence was deemed superfluous and released into the wild before the team cleared the tunnels they had fought through and moved on to explore.

The next room yielded a woodpile and supply room alongside a much more concerted ambush led by a well armored laughing goblin. The goblins stood back and made a pincushion of Tychus while he fought in the choke point. The Archive chaffed at this tactical faux pas, while Reed andJack took a rear guard. It was well warranted as a small force of now armed and armored goblins came around to flank. The flanking forces were slain quickly but still inflicted serious wounds. With that, the team turned its whole attention to the woodpile room and began to clear it in earnest. Many goblins fell to the Archives paper swords while covering fire poured into the gap. The leading goblin ceased his laughing and taunting when Jack Killby planted a round in its head and the last remaining goblin through down its arms.


Tychus thought he recognized the language spoken by the pitiful creature as he bound it and stuffed it into the carry case meant for the rabbits. The team also noted that the leaders armor was made of scavenged materials but backed by older leathers that were cured much better than any craft the creatures had shown thus far. Medicines were applied to various wounds and the team stopped to discuss whether to move further in or pull out and call backup.


Bortas KanonDC

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