EIDL | A New Beginning

Gearing up for Animal Control

Research and Preparation.

Our heroes spent a significant portion of their time practicing as a team, but also researching their upcoming assignment. Special gear items were requisitioned, most granted. Reid found a small tidbit that suggested the source of the problem could be small voracious dog like creatures “goblinoid”. The research identified they have a minimal intelligence and communication skills, and they often trap their back-up exits. Colin lets the team know that Steven Payne specially requested Mike Jones, and that he will be unavailable to join them for this mission.

The team gathered their gear, donned animal control lookalike uniforms, stowed their obviously military gear into non-descript bags and loaded into a nondescript van. By mid-morning, the team successfully loaded up and headed to the Point Defiance area. During the ride, Tychus unzips one of his duffel bags and seems dismayed to find two rabbits inside. “Bait” he mutters to himself, tossing a dog treat inside. Almost as an afterthought a few moments later, he threw in the remains of one of his cigarettes as well. During the drive, a variety of tunes are played on the radio. After a time, the team makes it a point to see if they can engage the Archive in head-nodding along to a song. During one song, perhaps the Archive’s cheek twitched, but aside from that, no other reaction. They drive further up the point from the zoo, and unload.

The team fans out only slightly, searching the area. After spending a fair amount of time, Reid locates a tuft of fur that Tychus identifies as a chunk of bloody poodle fur. However, the team could not determine where the trail led from there. Tychus unzipped his bag and pulled out a very hyper rabbit. Jack rigged his pip-boy to track the rabbits movements through the wild. Tychus releases “Lawrence 2” and it randomly darts around, out of site. Jack and the Archive watch the pip-boy for clues. Suddenly, the rabbit ceases its random movement and heads out in a straight line.

Slowly approaching the start of the course change, the team searches for clues. Arriving at the site, they bungled the scene, each looking for clues, and in turn destroying it for others. With any further clues, they decide to head to the rabbit’s current location. The follow a heavy clay shoreline, and reach a cave entry, where they paused. Reid mutters a prayer, crosses himself and asks for guidance. The Archive’s speaks in an unknown tongue, summoning arcane energies focused on a small stone in the palm of its hand. The stone glows brightly for a few seconds, and the light fades away.

The peer into the dark, judging the depth of the challenge. As one, they turn to eye the duffel bag. “I’ve got one more Lawrence in the tank,” Tychus says, “But lets save it until we know we need it”. They turn to the dark portal…



Bortas Bortas

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