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Of Orcs and Demons

Nah uh.
That is NOT a human femur that the large green (Hobgoblins I now know they are called) is chewing on.

We were careful this time! We scouted the area, we held off until we could get a better understanding of the situation, and we even attempted to reason our way out without a fight.
Sort of.

Okay, I suppose that in addition to all of the laws of science being sideways I should have expected the mere suggestions of civilization to be a little seltsam (weird) too.

We started by approaching the village cautiously, in part because we could not tell what was going on after what looked like a fresh raid.

The problem arose when we discovered that locally at least, raiding a village was part destruction, and part feast. As gruesome as it sounds it was even worse to realize it as I saw a hobgoblin polishing off what was clearly the remains of one of the late local villagers.

After a brief, tense exchange of insults and half hidden truths with the disgusting leader. His commander turned out to be a dwarf of all beings, and it became readily apparent that this was not going to end without someone getting stabbed. (In the back, the front, or most likely both).

Tychus Findlay was our vanguard, with The Archive acting as clean-up, while Reid Clemens used his old prayers and new magic to keep himself and Tychus Findlay in the fight.

Oh, did I mention Tychus Findlay? I meant The Incredible Hulk! The spell that The Archive used on our cigar chewing friend apparently not only made him giant sized, but turned him green!

I did my best to slow down a couple, but with limited ammunition, weakness from the earlier venom, and my inherent squishy physiology, I tried for most of the time to stay on the outskirts.

The battle went badly. We thought we were doing well until the dwarf changed into a demon, and then summoned another demon. Both of which left strangely terrible wounds with their long pole-arms. Reid Clemens seemed to be the only one actually hurting the first demon despite our raging green giant, and the reaper like efficacy of our living stone friend.

Funny that, the most combat flustered so far has been our self designated medic, but this time he was the one rocking the biggest bad guy hardest.

We were saved by the griffin Iron Wing Kazi, and his humanoid translator Michael. This world weary duo actually dropped from the sky, and with barely a hesitation at a light blasting statue, giant green man, and two red tentacle demons quickly helped heal our many grievous wounds and made short work of chasing off our would be killers.

We have made use of the now empty village, and after a silent prayer of my own for their souls we have gathered everything that we think might help us in the coming future.

We have learned too much during and after this fight to assimilate it all right now. We will rest and refit. Work of a manual labor tomorrow will give us time to absorb our ever changing circumstances.

Our temporary home is filled with demons and monsters who would most likely hunt us down and kill us.
There may be some help from the elves (eat your heart our Tolkien you British git).
Tychus Findlay appears to be at least part Orc.
Reid Clemens appears to be at least part Elf.
Our modern devices, down to even a seeming molecular level are breaking down. Except my rifle.
We are going to have to adapt our tactics and methods when we do get into armed conflict.
It is almost certain that we will consistently be in armed conflicts again soon.

I have a LOT of work to do.

The “Robot” is patched, but I should check it again in the morning.
Our gear must be better, and there are munitions to be made, but it at least appears that some of us are getting locally made arms and armor from the recent spoils of battle.

Iron Wing Kazi has cleared up a few things, and with some more knowledge for and from The Archive we may have a better plan for getting somewhere safe until i can re-create my dimensional key, or we come up with something better.

Oh, and the food not so good. I find myself wishing for fresh pretzels and a beer. Scheisse, even the King Burger sounds mouth watering right now.


King Burger – lol!

Of Orcs and Demons
Bortas shardofstone

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