EIDL | A New Beginning

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Night falls and Kazi still has not returned for the party. The Archive suggests moving on without her, but is outvoted easily by the others. The group decides to give Kazi another day to return, but will attempt to leave the demon lands on their own if she does not.

Under Tychus’s direction, The Archive sets up lines of rope with various metal detritus tied into them. They swing in the lights breeze and clank together softly. In the river nearby, Reid finds a barge, and Jack says that it’s in pretty good shape. The group decides to use it to leave the area if Kazi should not return.

They return to the smithy, and The Archive offers to keep watch. It hasn’t cast any spells during the day, and so has no need to rest. The night passes uneventfully.

Jack spends the morning testing some new contraption of his, while Tychus watches from a safe distance. After a time, Tychus starts making a stew for dinner, and The Archive helps Jack set up some crystal growing kits that he can carry with him. Jack asks The Archive what they’ll do if being in this new land causes more physical changes like Tychus’s skin. Reid breaks in and says that they won’t have to do anything, since it’ll go back to normal when they get back to Earth. The Archive says nothing.

That night, while everyone is asleep, The Archive is listening to the clinky clanky clatter of the rope lines when they suddenly fall silent. It picks up a cold coal from the forge and waves a hand over it until it glows with a strong white light. It heads outside and throws the coal towards the rope lines. It lands at the feet of an elven man who freezes as though motionlessness makes him invisible.

The Archive is rude and hostile to the visitor, loud enough for Reid to wake up and save the situation before he left. The elf introduces himself as Tellis, sent by Kazi to guide the party to The Enclave.

Jack and The Archive go outside to fix the alarm lines, while Tychus and Reid talk to Tellis. Tellis says that once the party’s gotten to The Enclave, they can take a boat out of the demon lands. Tychus offers Tellis some stew and a bed for the night, which Tellis gratefully accepts.

They set out the next day and follow Tellis, and after an uneventful day, they reach The Enclave.

(Sorry, guys, turns out my notes are insufficient for much detail. I’ll do better next time.)


Bortas Savant

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