EIDL | A New Beginning

The Island Ambush

Terror on the sea

Jack, Tychus, and the Archive have taken their places around the campfire, waiting for the sahuagin to attack Tychus and the Archive each hold a rope attached to one side of a buried net, in the hope that one can be taken alive. Reid lies in wait outside the ring of light, and Mike has opted to set up a sniper post in a gazebo further from the water, where he can clearly see the shore.

When the fire has burned low, the sahuagin make their move, three of them coming out of the water in an attempt to surround the party. Someone raises the alarm, and Tychus immediately drops the net to confront the sahuagin that has appeared from the darkness directly in front of him. Jack is thrilled that Tychus is distracting one, and tests his new shock-flashlight, which turns out to be an excellent stunner, as Tychus can attest. Tychus, enraged by this turn of events, loses control and wrestles the sahuagin into submission. Shots are heard by the party, as Mike provides support fire.

On the other side of the campfire, Reid is also surprised by the Sahuagin facing him, and fires multiple shots while retreating, still laying on the ground. The Sahuagin presses its advantage, and lands a great deal of damage during Reid’s ground-bound scramble.

The Archive, seeing that it no longer has Tychus’s assistance with the net, drops it and pulls out its paper swords, confronting the third sahuagin, which falls immediately under one efficient slice. The Archive then turns to the sahuagin pressing Reid and dispatches that one with slightly more effort. Reid pauses to care for his wounds, while the Archive advances on the last remaining sahuagin, which is still wrestling with Tychus. It picks up the net and holds it ready behind the sahuagin, hoping that Tychus will deposit his prize there, but Tychus, blinded by rage, carries the sahuagin to the embers of the campfire and throws it in.

The sahuagin wails in pain and makes good on its freedom, rushing directly for the water. The Archive manages to capture it in the net, but the sahuagin is only slowed, and drags the Archive knee-deep into the sea before Tychus catches up and kills it.

Meanwhile, Jack has noticed that the fire from the gazebo has ceases, and abandons the ongoing battle, running up the slope to find what has happened to Mike. He finds the gazebo empty, and frantically searches around buildings and up to the wood’s edge, yelling for Mike.

After killing the last sahuagin, Tychus’s rage ebbs, and he starts looking around for Jack. Reid help the Archive move the netted sahuagin’s body into their boat, thinking that EIDL might like to have a specimen, even if not a live one. They also move the other two bodies into the sea, where they will be disposed of by the sharks who can be seen circling offshore.

Tychus and Jack have entered the woods in their search for Mike. Tychus is following drag marks that he had found from the gazebo. They carefully wend their way through the narrow paths, carefully checking for ambush along the way. Reid and the Archive catch up before too long, and follow at Tychus’s inexplicably careful pace through the trees. In a small clearing, Jack spies a light resting in a birdbath. He recognizes it as a pipboy, and it can only be Mike’s.


Jack rushes past Tychus, whose cautionary hiss goes entirely unheeded, and picks up the pipboy. Two more sahuagin enter from the trees, but one of them is different. It’s bigger, and has twice as many arms, and it goes straight for Jack. Tychus and Reid face the other sahuagin, the Archive attempts to pull the four-armed sahuagin away from Jack, and Jack yells “Not me, not again!” and runs down one path into the woods, away from the fight.

The two-armed sahuagin is quickly reduced to a stumbling, blindly swinging mess, and the four-armed one, seeing its disadvantage, retreats down the third path away from this clearing. Jack has returned from his detour, and sees it running and sprints after it. It reaches the sea and quickly outpaces him.

Back in the clearing, the rest of the party has finished the sahuagin and followed Jack, who dejectedly reports the four-armed sahuagin’s escape. The group returned to the clearing and debate what to do about Mike. Jack seems convinced that the sahuagin have taken him into the sea, but the Archive says that if that’s the case, there’s nothing they can do for him, so the best course of action is to search the rest of the woods and make sure he wasn’t dropped somewhere. If he can’t be found, then there will be reason to form a new plan. Tychus points out a path that they had passed further back, and the group returns there.

After a short way, there is another small clearing with a sign pointing out various destinations on the island. Tucked behind the sign, beaten and bloody and looking like he was mugged, is Mike, unconscious and bound. His bonds are cut, and Reid kneels next to him, placing his hands on Mike’s chest. A white mist forms around his hands, and Mike’s wounds and bruises start to look older. Not healed, but not fresh and raw, either. Tychus carries Mike back to the boat, and the group gathers up and gets ready to return.

(Sorry for the lateness. Maybe a reminder before the session starts next time so the person who’s responsible for the write up can take notes or something? I know there’s a turn order, but I will NEVER REMEMBER IT since there’s four sessions between my times.

Feel free to add anything you remember that I missed.)


Bortas Bortas

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