Large imposing man, until he opens his mouth.


6’7, imposing frame, beard to his stomach, deep resonating voice, usually seen with a harmonica in his denim jacket, a throwback to the early 90’s. Also stands out due to his many varied patterned skirts.


Entertaining people was his life before anything else. Music, movies, stage. If you name it he was a supporter. He was always unable to create that which entertained people, but was always more than willing to help connect those who did. It was how EIDL found him. Too many groups that he put together were causing dissonance in the ether. Rifts opened around the groups he would set up. He was contracted as an experiment to see if he could recreate the events he caused. Unfortunately he couldn’t. Only in the wild was he able to connect those people with latent enough energy to cause a rift. He was made Keeper of 489 more as a joke as well as a way to keep tabs on him. Unfortunately he took to the responsibility quicker and more readily than anyone anticipated. Station 489 quickly became one of the fastest training centers in the area as spontaneous rifts were common and only those that could hold their own were able to keep up with the changing environment.

  • Entry: Dr. Reid Clemens – I was interested to learn that Colin had served in Vietnam on a team much like ours. He said they encountered snake-people he called Yuan-ti. His team had killed the male, and he talked to the female and convinced her to go back through the rift. I’m interested to learn more about how he talked to such an unfamiliar being.


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