EIDL | A New Beginning

The Adventure Begins
Once Upon a Time in Mexico...

The 3 new recruits are flown to Mexico. While apprehensive the benefits far outweigh the risks. They see strange reptilian creatures lining the entrance halls. They are greeted by a virtual copy of the previous agents they have met. They are usured into a meeting hall to wait for further instruction as the other members of the team to arrive.


The Archive has served EIDL for as long as anyone can remember. It has seen empires rise and fall, people come and go, and cheesy fads like neon pants resurface again and again. It has never been a part of a field team until now. And being introduced to the other members of the fledgling team has left The Archive with doubts about the competence of the current organization.

The Tour
Mission Briefing
So much information, but still so far in the dark

Gear requisitions were filled. Everyone spent a good amount of time inspecting, testing and cleaning their new gear (read: stats delivered).

A brief mission brief (tehe) occurred, and the group was dispatched to a hot spot. They have arrived…

Hot Zone Drop
In over our heads.

Our driver, Steve (Dan? Joe?) dropped us off in the middle of the jungle. We hobbled the goat Tychus jokingly referred to as “Lawrence” and followed it into the thick jungle. Tychus & Mike took the lead, while The Archive, Jack & Reid followed a short distance behind.

If excitement was the goal, we were surely not disappointed. At first our noses found something was off, then the thick growth thinned near a stream; a fire had happened recently, and there were still embers about, slowly cooling. Following Tychus’ lead, we slowly fanned out, trying to keep our eyes on each other and Lawrence, despite the large trees and thick undergrowth.

Then movement was spotted, and all hell broke loose. First we saw a trio of the beasties, and then two more larger ones. A terrifying shriek was heard, and suddenly we were being assaulted from the air as well. Jack tranq’s one, but then the winged creature hurts him badly. The largest of the ground-bound had latched on to Reid’s shoulder. The Archive is surrounded, and the three smallest try to bring the lumbering giant down. Mike calmly puts holes in whatever target presents itself.

And then the strangest of things happens – Jack, whether in a fit of pain or a flash of brilliant insight, screams out a strange word, and the beasts stop their attacks. We paused a moment, dumbfounded, but Tychus was not to be dissuaded and he continued his assault.

Reid desperately fumbles for his wrist computer and finally hits the correct button – light blue mist fills the area and the creatures and our heroes wounds become less severe. An incredibly awkward standoff happens, as our party is torn between the mission and the feeling of being out numbered by the vicious creatures. The combatants slowly separate, and the beasts vanish into the night – leaving their drugged companion behind.

Our heroes called in our ride, and briefed the station on our findings. Command is not pleased, demanding we bring the sleeping monster back with us, lest our endeavor be classified a total failure. We argue amongst ourselves – clearly something profound has happened here, and maybe the beast should be with its own kind, not yet another test subject for a station that already has so many. It isn’t pretty. In the end, the creature is bound and loaded into the vehicle for the ride to base. A frustrated Archive opts to walk alone.

Mission De-brief
No good deed goes unpunished.

In the aftermath of the mission goin ass over tits, the team split up to return to base. Dr. Reid and Mike took the captured and sedated critter back to base in the transport while The Archive and Jack tromped back through the jungle, tailed by Tychus. While in the jungle, the Archive and Jack talked about new team goals, their misgivings with EIDL and how to keep themselves in the field instead of relegated to the EIDL bureaucratic death sentence. Tychus was intrigued to learn that the Archive was not from around here. The possibility of other worlds seemed tantalizing. However, this knowledge was tempered by a burnin desire to never visit the home world of chupa-things.

When the team arrived back, they split up to prepare for mission de-brief. Jack wrote up an account of the events and collaborated with Dr. Reid to ensure our side of the story was told. Dr. Reid and Jack also had a closed door discussion of the teams future.

A rather late and frazzled Al informed the team at the mission de-brief that the op had been technically a failure, but that there were mitigating circumstances. The failure to completely eliminate the threat was not positive, but the return of an intact team and a unique specimen was a positive development. The team was informed that they would be transferred to the Tacoma facility so that a teamwork specialist could trouble shoot them. Al seemed resigned as though he was sad to see us go and worried about our future. Tychus for his part held some consternation over getting re-assigned and wondered aloud how close to disbanding the team they were. Al, was so worried he even seemed apologetic to The Archive.

After individual team members sorted out their concerns with Al, the team met up for drinks and shenanigans on deck C-4. Drinking and carousing occurred. Strangely the diminutive Jack held his liquor the best and caroused the most. Meanwhile Mike and Tychus were done in by the shot of Al’s potent, “insert name.” The Archive made sure that hallucinating party members didn’t hurt themselves to badly and presumably documented the behaviors of idiots who drank glowing magic juice.

(Bort continue’s Sean’s tale)

The revelry was a nice way to close off ties with our all-too brief stay in Mexico. We flew out to Tacoma and were met by a strange man. He was large and outgoing and surprisingly friendly. He immediately put our fears about our performance to the side and took us to our new station. We got to briefly see the city, and he invited us all out to a dive where he was hosting karaoke. He drove us there in an old rig, like I hadn’t seen in years.

(Back to Sean)

Two final revelations occurred upon meeting our handler in Tacoma. One such juicy tidbit was the claim that an Agent had been right up with us in the Chupa-bungle incident. The Agent had been extremely well concealed and supposedly standing by to render emergency aid if the situation became to dire. It’s possible that he or it was following the group back to base as we trekked on foot. Since it was purportedly keeping tabs on us for the purpose of future missions, its possible that conversations previously thought to be clandestine were in fact observed.

On the other hand, the northwest station we are training at seems to have an overall low opinion and loose roll for its Agent. And, in fact they don’t seem to know or care what the agent does. But, one thing is for certain. Them Agents ain’t right.

Mission debrief (ps.)

Two final revelations occurred upon meeting our handler in Tacoma. One such juicy tidbit was the claim that an Agent had been right up with us in the Chupa-bungle incident. The Agent had been extremely well concealed and supposedly standing by to render emergency aid if the situation became to dire. It’s possible that he or it was following the group back to base as we trekked on foot. Since it was purportedly keeping tabs on us for the purpose of future missions, its possible that conversations previously thought to be clandestine were in fact observed.

On the other hand, the northwest station we are training at seems to have an overall low opinion and loose roll for its Agent. And, in fact they don’t seem to know or care what the agent does. But, one thing is for certain. Them Agents ain’t right.

Gearing Up for Round 2!
Mental Cohesion

Nothing goes according to plan. Sometime that is exactly the plan though.

After our rather poorly received performance on our first trip into the field it was decided that we were in need of an actual training regime for our little band. Enter Keeper Colin!

Colin and his laid back approach to team integration seems to be working far better than might be expected for such an unusual set of individuals needing to be molded into and effective team. We have been working on side projects that have turned into impromptu team building exercises, and team building exercises that have lead to some (possibly scatter-brained) side projects. After the working on portals, portents, and paintball, we have been told that we are cleared to try and find out if our team can actually work in the field again.

Enter the Wide Wacky World of the Pacific Northwest. Aside from the usual suspects of Bigfoot and Cadborosaurus (sea serpents). There have been picnic goers and day trippers disappearing from the San Juan Islands lately with little to no explanation.

We are given the choice this time if we would like an invisible baby-sitter or not this time. We are given the tools we think we might need and a way to get out to the islands, and we start our investigation into the disappearances. Our best impressions, whether paintball geeks or FBI scary squad leave us with nothing after several interviews.

Our next try at another island actually gives us a good lead. With The Archive’s extra -planar knowledge about possible suspects and the evidence at hand, our target now seems as though we may be facing a sentient eating merfolk from another world.

We have set up our best trap to try to see if we can lure this man munching monster out where we can get them. Tychus is ready to bring the pain, with Reid Clemens, and Mike Jones, providing another punch, while The Archive and Jack Kilby act as bait.

Now we wait…

The Island Ambush
Terror on the sea

Jack, Tychus, and the Archive have taken their places around the campfire, waiting for the sahuagin to attack Tychus and the Archive each hold a rope attached to one side of a buried net, in the hope that one can be taken alive. Reid lies in wait outside the ring of light, and Mike has opted to set up a sniper post in a gazebo further from the water, where he can clearly see the shore.

When the fire has burned low, the sahuagin make their move, three of them coming out of the water in an attempt to surround the party. Someone raises the alarm, and Tychus immediately drops the net to confront the sahuagin that has appeared from the darkness directly in front of him. Jack is thrilled that Tychus is distracting one, and tests his new shock-flashlight, which turns out to be an excellent stunner, as Tychus can attest. Tychus, enraged by this turn of events, loses control and wrestles the sahuagin into submission. Shots are heard by the party, as Mike provides support fire.

On the other side of the campfire, Reid is also surprised by the Sahuagin facing him, and fires multiple shots while retreating, still laying on the ground. The Sahuagin presses its advantage, and lands a great deal of damage during Reid’s ground-bound scramble.

The Archive, seeing that it no longer has Tychus’s assistance with the net, drops it and pulls out its paper swords, confronting the third sahuagin, which falls immediately under one efficient slice. The Archive then turns to the sahuagin pressing Reid and dispatches that one with slightly more effort. Reid pauses to care for his wounds, while the Archive advances on the last remaining sahuagin, which is still wrestling with Tychus. It picks up the net and holds it ready behind the sahuagin, hoping that Tychus will deposit his prize there, but Tychus, blinded by rage, carries the sahuagin to the embers of the campfire and throws it in.

The sahuagin wails in pain and makes good on its freedom, rushing directly for the water. The Archive manages to capture it in the net, but the sahuagin is only slowed, and drags the Archive knee-deep into the sea before Tychus catches up and kills it.

Meanwhile, Jack has noticed that the fire from the gazebo has ceases, and abandons the ongoing battle, running up the slope to find what has happened to Mike. He finds the gazebo empty, and frantically searches around buildings and up to the wood’s edge, yelling for Mike.

After killing the last sahuagin, Tychus’s rage ebbs, and he starts looking around for Jack. Reid help the Archive move the netted sahuagin’s body into their boat, thinking that EIDL might like to have a specimen, even if not a live one. They also move the other two bodies into the sea, where they will be disposed of by the sharks who can be seen circling offshore.

Tychus and Jack have entered the woods in their search for Mike. Tychus is following drag marks that he had found from the gazebo. They carefully wend their way through the narrow paths, carefully checking for ambush along the way. Reid and the Archive catch up before too long, and follow at Tychus’s inexplicably careful pace through the trees. In a small clearing, Jack spies a light resting in a birdbath. He recognizes it as a pipboy, and it can only be Mike’s.


Jack rushes past Tychus, whose cautionary hiss goes entirely unheeded, and picks up the pipboy. Two more sahuagin enter from the trees, but one of them is different. It’s bigger, and has twice as many arms, and it goes straight for Jack. Tychus and Reid face the other sahuagin, the Archive attempts to pull the four-armed sahuagin away from Jack, and Jack yells “Not me, not again!” and runs down one path into the woods, away from the fight.

The two-armed sahuagin is quickly reduced to a stumbling, blindly swinging mess, and the four-armed one, seeing its disadvantage, retreats down the third path away from this clearing. Jack has returned from his detour, and sees it running and sprints after it. It reaches the sea and quickly outpaces him.

Back in the clearing, the rest of the party has finished the sahuagin and followed Jack, who dejectedly reports the four-armed sahuagin’s escape. The group returned to the clearing and debate what to do about Mike. Jack seems convinced that the sahuagin have taken him into the sea, but the Archive says that if that’s the case, there’s nothing they can do for him, so the best course of action is to search the rest of the woods and make sure he wasn’t dropped somewhere. If he can’t be found, then there will be reason to form a new plan. Tychus points out a path that they had passed further back, and the group returns there.

After a short way, there is another small clearing with a sign pointing out various destinations on the island. Tucked behind the sign, beaten and bloody and looking like he was mugged, is Mike, unconscious and bound. His bonds are cut, and Reid kneels next to him, placing his hands on Mike’s chest. A white mist forms around his hands, and Mike’s wounds and bruises start to look older. Not healed, but not fresh and raw, either. Tychus carries Mike back to the boat, and the group gathers up and gets ready to return.

(Sorry for the lateness. Maybe a reminder before the session starts next time so the person who’s responsible for the write up can take notes or something? I know there’s a turn order, but I will NEVER REMEMBER IT since there’s four sessions between my times.

Feel free to add anything you remember that I missed.)

Shiny Happy People
Return from the islands, a visit to another facility

A tired team helps Mike back to the boat, along with the slightly crispy remains of one of the sea monsters. Reid examines Mike, and pronounces he will be fine, just in need of some rest. Mike continues to be spacey and lethargic, the concussion obvious. Tychus experienced some engine trouble, but Jack was able to get the motor started again, the team gets back underway.

They stowed their gear back into inconspicuous bags and wrapped the beast in a tarp preparing to make port. Colin picked them up in a large vehicle and took them to the heart of Seattle. He said he was taking us to drop off the corpse at a local research facility. A quick turn off a street and into a cargo elevator they drove, and descended down, we didn’t know how far. When the lift’s doors opened, the sight was unlike anything we had seen, something out of a sci-fi movie. Station 490 was very modern, every surface shiny and pristine. Jack was very excited by the research opportunities such a facility might present.

The team got out to stretch and tried not to stare at the impressive installation. After a short wait, they were greeted by this station’s keeper, Steven Payne. He seemed like a business executive, well dressed, large friendly smile, handshakes for everyone. He let the team know someone would be along shortly to pick up the body, and sure enough, two transporters arrived, quickly and efficiently loading the body onto a gurney and wheeling it away to lab 24. Smooth as clockwork, a cleanup team arrived to clean up the mess left behind. He shared a few curt words with Colin, then bid us all a fond farewell as we loaded up. Jack didn’t seem so excited anymore.

The team made it back “home”, got some food and rest. They spent the next week in training, then got word for a new assignment. Colin reports that we are to investigate some animal disappearances. At first some scattered reports, but a pattern emerged. Seems located to the Point Defiance area, and limited to outdoor unsupervised animals. Dogs left outdoors. A monkey from the zoo. Fish from aquariums. We will cover ourselves as an animal control team on the hunt for a possible predator in the area.

Gearing up for Animal Control
Research and Preparation.

Our heroes spent a significant portion of their time practicing as a team, but also researching their upcoming assignment. Special gear items were requisitioned, most granted. Reid found a small tidbit that suggested the source of the problem could be small voracious dog like creatures “goblinoid”. The research identified they have a minimal intelligence and communication skills, and they often trap their back-up exits. Colin lets the team know that Steven Payne specially requested Mike Jones, and that he will be unavailable to join them for this mission.

The team gathered their gear, donned animal control lookalike uniforms, stowed their obviously military gear into non-descript bags and loaded into a nondescript van. By mid-morning, the team successfully loaded up and headed to the Point Defiance area. During the ride, Tychus unzips one of his duffel bags and seems dismayed to find two rabbits inside. “Bait” he mutters to himself, tossing a dog treat inside. Almost as an afterthought a few moments later, he threw in the remains of one of his cigarettes as well. During the drive, a variety of tunes are played on the radio. After a time, the team makes it a point to see if they can engage the Archive in head-nodding along to a song. During one song, perhaps the Archive’s cheek twitched, but aside from that, no other reaction. They drive further up the point from the zoo, and unload.

The team fans out only slightly, searching the area. After spending a fair amount of time, Reid locates a tuft of fur that Tychus identifies as a chunk of bloody poodle fur. However, the team could not determine where the trail led from there. Tychus unzipped his bag and pulled out a very hyper rabbit. Jack rigged his pip-boy to track the rabbits movements through the wild. Tychus releases “Lawrence 2” and it randomly darts around, out of site. Jack and the Archive watch the pip-boy for clues. Suddenly, the rabbit ceases its random movement and heads out in a straight line.

Slowly approaching the start of the course change, the team searches for clues. Arriving at the site, they bungled the scene, each looking for clues, and in turn destroying it for others. With any further clues, they decide to head to the rabbit’s current location. The follow a heavy clay shoreline, and reach a cave entry, where they paused. Reid mutters a prayer, crosses himself and asks for guidance. The Archive’s speaks in an unknown tongue, summoning arcane energies focused on a small stone in the palm of its hand. The stone glows brightly for a few seconds, and the light fades away.

The peer into the dark, judging the depth of the challenge. As one, they turn to eye the duffel bag. “I’ve got one more Lawrence in the tank,” Tychus says, “But lets save it until we know we need it”. They turn to the dark portal…


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