EIDL | A New Beginning

Jack Kilby's Infection

Dr. Reid Clemens' Journal

I just don’t know what it is about this place. I mean, the Archive can make miniature fireworks seemingly on command. I pray for inspiration, and suddenly people start feeling better, and their wounds healing. I wish I could have done that in my practice!

Enough about that though. We stirred up a … well I was going to say hornet’s nest. But that has too much truth to it. Anyway, the bite from these insects has proven a major problem. Jack’s injuries seem not sever, but his movements are sluggish, and he describe’s his arm as being asleep.


Tychus had a brilliant idea of packing the arm in mud to try and leach the poison out of the wound. I should have spent more time paying attention to disaster medicine! The three of us arranged watches and Jack slept, albeit fitfully, around the small campfire. The following morning, we washed the mud off, but the tingly feeling had not dissipated, and his movements were … delayed. I wished for even the meager facilities of a front hospital.

We traveled on to the source of the smoke, and it seemed much larger than we initially thought. We arrived at a… hamlet? I’m not sure how to describe the most burnt down collection of building. A large brutish creature casually exited a building that was still standing, gnawing the last little bits off of a giant bone. Wait no, a femur! He spotted us, pointed our way and shouted something I couldn’t understand. What happened next is something for a different day.


Bortas Bortas

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