Diarmuid Flynn

EIDL Scientist, Field Science Officer


Human Alchemist/Tetori

Diarmuid (Commonly referred to as “Flynn”) is a brilliant mind accompanied with an arrogant attitude. He speaks to anyone whom engages him, so long as it doesn’t interfere with his research or study.


Diarmuid always showed an affinity for theoretical physics and chemical application. So much so that he was granted admission to MIT, and Doctoral studies later at Oxford. Sadly, admission didn’t cover tuition. So he had to rely on his physical abilities to make money.

Flynn was a wrestler throughout high school. But, as well as a thirst for knowledge, he had a thirst for adrenaline. His aptitude for physicality morphed into MMA in college. And there’s a fair amount of money to be made in underground cage matches.

Unfortunately, there aren’t enough hours in a day to support the acquisition of money and the time in the lab for research. So Flynn had to get creative.

Even with the hardships, Flynn discovered something rather interesting: a way to detect magnetic monopoles. Now, monopoles are typically not observable and only theoretically exist at the crucible of the universe’s creation (GUT). Now with his magnetic monopole detector (short form MagDet), Flynn has noticed an accompanying probabilistic response, which is what brought him to the attention of EIDL.

After some persuasion and a little blackmail, Diarmuid joined up with EIDL and is currently stationed in the Edinburgh branch as head science officer.

Diarmuid Flynn

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