Reid Clemens

Retired Army surgeon


Gifted albeit somewhat lackadaisical surgeon – flies by his instincts. While he can be a pain to work with as a surgeon because of this, his outcomes have always been exceptional. Loved by patients, but hated by administration: his instinctual understanding of anatomy have been a boon to those in his care, but he has a habit of ignoring procedures that seem tedious to him.

Despite being middle aged, is in great physical fitness, a habit from his years of service. An avid outdoors enthusiast, he spends his free time planning his next adventure.


2nd Lt. Clemens – home?

Hailing from the bible belt of the Midwest, Reid grew up on a farm with his religious parents and two older brothers. The baby of Kris & James, Reid always wanted to help people, play peacemaker. Reid never knew that he was found abandoned, and was taken in by the Clemens. He had surgery as an infant to correct a deformity in his ears. His father passed away when he was in high school, something he wished he had the means to fix. He joined the army knowing they would pay his way through med school. He is oblivious to the fact that his older brother’s are jealous of his exit from the family tradition, Reid looks up to both of them, and is very fond of both Bryan & Dennis.

Reid spent 20 years as a standard issue military man, had standard issue wife and daughter that ended in a standard issue divorce. Too much time overseas was just too much strain on their relationship, but he had so much passion for helping people, he continued requesting tours all over the middle east. His ex-wife, Miranda, has since remarried, living in Denver proper. They maintain a cordial relationship, after all, nearly 20 years have passed since the divorce. His daughter, Kelly, attends university in Denver, still living with her mom.


Cpt. Clemens – surgery

He served many of his tours in near front line hospitals, doing his best to save every life (friendly or not) that entered his facility. And he was good at it. He would work nearly tirelessly, too many hours in a row. The more grievous the wound, the more energized he would be come, working at breakneck pace. Despite it all, his medical outcomes, despite his apathy towards established procedures, were unbelievable.

Then it happened; a large firefight in a nearby village. Someone he knew arrived on his table, the wounds were terrible, he was clearly beyond saving. Despite the monitors showing flat-line for several minutes, Reid worked, his fingers a blur. There was a flash of light and Reid passed out for a time. When he came to, his friend was stable, his wounds well on their way to full recovery. He has no memory of happened, only that afterwards he worked tirelessly for nearly 3 days straight, tending to the wounded and saving life after life.


Maj. Clemens – field

This was the first event. There were more, and they started coming faster and faster. The first event slipped by unnoticed, the hospital was in such a chaotic state. Reid felt at first that he was simply a talented surgeon. But as more inexplicable events happened, he began to believe it was a gift from god, so he could help those in need. Other staff started to notice, and things got uncomfortable. That’s when the drinking began.

Reid applied for a transfer to the front lines, and it was granted. He spent two years as a front line combat medic (although hugely overqualified for the job). The small miracles continued, and his unit mates loved him for it, not thinking anything beyond how good he was. But a seed of doubt grew in him – each time his gift manifested, he felt a surge of euphoria that he enjoyed, no craved. He came to realize that he wanted the traumatic events for this feeling of power. That seed festered, and he finally realized the gift may be from god, but the euphoria was Satan’s curse on the gift, thumbing of the nose at Reid’s enjoyment at the tragedy of others.

Dr. Clemens – practice

The decline of his adherence to procedure coupled with his 20 year mark, the military opted to not make special effort to retain him. Reid traveled for a time, enjoying the outdoor life. But the temptation grew, and he eventually settled outside Denver, joining a small practice of surgeons, mostly doing same day surgeries, but once a month, that craved rotation on the trauma team. He has spent nearly a decade, doing his best to not let his secret be known, trying to use his gift to help, and trying not to enjoy it too much, and spending too much time at the bottom of a bottle.

Finally, he was approached by an agent and was recruited to an organization to be on a newly formed team.

Reid Clemens

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