EIDL | A New Beginning

From the writings of The Archive

The voyage on this ship was, for the most part uneventful. Baral was kind enough to allow me to peruse his spellbook, much to my satisfaction. I feel that I have gotten the better end of this deal, however, as he is much more experienced than I.

There was also plenty of time for Jack and I to complete a project we’ve been working on for awhile. It’s hard to do any good enchanting while walking, so this sedentary voyage was beneficial. We’re sure that Tychus will enjoy this quite a lot.

The day before the captain said we were to arrive at port, there was an attack of a substantial number of reefclaws. The crew was able to identify them for us, once they were done watching us dispatch the lot. Fortunately there only appeared to be two fully grown, and the rest in varying stages of adolescence. Had their population been different, the crew may have had to… help.

The captain said that we have arrived in Augustana, a relatively small port city several days from the capital of this place. He said, also, that a mysterious tower had recently appeared, fully built, north of the city. We have decided to investigate it. Things that appear from elsewhere may have valuable information for us, after all. If there is no information of value, perhaps the journey will provide opportunities for us to stretch our skills further, something that we all require.

The captain was also quite firm that we should rid ourselves of the demon’s polearm. However, Tychus has grown quite attached to it. It is rather sharp, and taken from the corpse of an enemy, so I doubt that he will dispose of it before it becomes a substantial nuisance. Which may never happen, see aforementioned sharpness. On the other hand, many people have indicated that openly carrying such a weapon may give us problems in the future.

It is my hope that this foreboding is the superstition of the locals, but we must be wary nonetheless.

We disembark in the morning.


Bortas Savant

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