EIDL | A New Beginning

Voyage of the Weatherlight

And thankfully no seasickness!

I said my goodbyes to the interesting local… well… I suppose priestess is the right term. She was sharing some interesting information, but I had to go meet Captain Laquan Alfonso Gareth III and my friends.

Tychus bought me some lunch on the docks, fish and beer. Apparently my meaning of ‘grilled’ is far different than the local custom – that simply means ‘not battered’ before being fried. Oh well. The beer was good and reminds me of local brews from my time abroad.

The Weatherlight wasn’t a giant ship, crewed by Captain Laquan Alf-… the captain and 8 crew members. Jack & I looked curiously about – while it looked kind of similar to a pirate boat, there didn’t seem to be any armaments. Shouldn’t there be cannons at least? This turned out to be another lesson in the obvious I had to learn – in a world full of magic, sometimes the people are the artillery. I must remember to practice this newfound ability, and apply its lesson as a possible solution to future problems. Some of the sailors wore lightweight leather armor, with swords on their hips, a few wore simple clothes – their armament was less obvious. All of the crew seemed very loyal to Captain Laq-… the captain.

The boat seemed well used but well cared for, as best I could tell. It was simple: a deck below, the main desk and the captain’s quarters. Tychus and I stashed our gear in a corner below decks, Jack stayed above and made a new friend. When I returned above deck, I saw a very bored swabby (that’s the term, right guys?) slowly repairing arrows, one at a time, but doing so with his magical ability. Jack introduced him as Ravos, he wore black robes with a silver star over his heart. I watched what he was doing for a time, and found I could do the same thing – but if I muttered and wriggled my fingers, nothing happened. I simply had to say a brief prayer under my breath and the broken shafts fused to a perfect arrow. While good practice, I quickly understood his boredom, but also how it was a simple way to stay busy and make money.

I saw the Archive talking with a blue robed man I later learned was called Baral. At first, their body language looked rather standoffish, but after a time, they seemed to have a mutual respect. They spent more than a day in quite conversation, each reading a book and furiously copying notes.

A day of inactivity seemed more than Tychus could bear.

I apologize – I’m not quite done.


Bortas Bortas

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