EIDL – Earth’s Interdimensional Defense League – is the organization our heroes work for. Divided into numerous stations, designed to contain and investigate mysterious localized rifts and the dangers therein. Each facility is staffed by a Keeper, two Keeper’s Assistants, and an Agent.


EIDL Stations :


EIDL – forged hundreds of years ago to combat the ever-growing concern of inexplicable activity. In the early years, it was to counter magics that should not have existed, but grew to creatures that there was no explanation for. EIDL has tracked this unexplained activity down to scattered rifts found throughout the planet.


Dark Ages
War-torn Europe

The organization has become expert at recruiting the best and most fierce of warriors, using them to combat the creatures coming out of the rifts. In darker times, EIDL’s best trained have been on the front lines of wars, changing the outcome of battles and conflicts. This approach brought the trainers of those warriors, EIDL, into the public awareness. Preferring the shadows, those fierce warriors have now learned the art of subtlety.


Influencing Governments

Taking a new tack, EIDL began grooming agents skilled in the art of diplomacy, rising through the ranks and directly influencing governments. It was through this influence that the organization’s financial stability was secured for all time, without a paper trail leading back to any established government.


Industrial Age
Powerful Artifacts

Always making a point to recruit the best, the brightest and the special, EIDL has kept growing financially through the customization, publicizing and selling of wonders they have uncovered. Some of them are technology that EIDL’s own have created, but most of them are discoveries unlocked by items (or creatures) coming through the ever-growing rifts.


Modern Day
Toppling Governments

EIDL’s talented agents have been the source of much change in modern history, changing the tides of battles, securing finances, uncovering technology and secrets. EIDL learned a new method – the ability to inspire. Making use of the common citizen through inspiration to bring down governments corrupted or infected by the rifts. All due to the diligent work of a single agent.

While a great feat, it underscores how strange these creatures coming through are, and the powers they posses. The ability to control a person, or become a person, or utterly destroy a person. While EIDL’s agents are incredibly talented, they are just too few to handle the size of the task. Facing a growing menace and growing desperate, EIDL has begun rapidly recruiting talent from the populace, forming them into specialized teams to handle the rifts. Herein lies the story of one such team.


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